Meaning of the name Flavien

Meaning of the name Flavien

Meaning of the name Flavien

Flavien name means yellow hair
Local Origin of Name: French
From the Latin name Flavia

Variant name of Flavel,Flaviano, Flavien, Flavio, Flavius,

Meaning: Yellow Hair

Emotional Spectrum • A built-in steam valve keeps the heat down!
Personal Integrity • A personal search for truth is the hallmark of Flavien.
Personality • Nothing is rarer than a good nature.
Relationships • People who know Flavien want to be his friend.
Travel & Leisure • Flavien knows how to relax!
Career & Money • A born leader, he will be drawn into the limelight!
Life’s Opportunities • ‘Be Prepared’, is Flavien’s motto!

” Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you and watch over you. ”

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