Mendoza means cold mountain


Mendoza means cold mountain

Mendoza, , Memendo

This Spanish surname of MENDOZA was from the medieval given name MENENDO from the Visigothic personal name Hermenegild, composed of the elements ERMEN (whole, entire) and GILD (tribute). The personal name was borne by a 6th century member of the Visigothic royal house, who was converted from Arianism to the Catholic faith, and became an enormously popular saint, as a result of which the given name was very common in Spain in the Middle Ages. In the
8th century, Spain fell under the control of the Moors, and this influence, which lasted into the 12th century, has also left its mark on Hispanic surnames. A few names are based directly on Arabic personal names. The majority of Spanish occupational and nickname surnames, however, are based on ordinary Spanish occupational and nickname surnames. The name has variant spellings which include MELEMDEZ, MENDEZ and MENDUS. Pelayo Y Menendez Y Pelayo (1856-1912) was the Spanish critic and poet, He is regarded as the founder of modern Spanish literary history. He was professor at Madrid (1878-98) and director of the Biblioteca National from 1898. His writings all exemplifing his traditionalism and Catholicism include ‘The History of Aesthetic Ideas in Spain’ (1844-91).
Another notable member of the name was Ramon Pidal Menendez (1869-1968) the Spanish philologist and critic, born in Coruna. A pupil of Menendez Y Pelayo, he became professor at the University of Madrid in 1899, and founded the Madrid Centre of Historial Studies, and carried on the tradition of exact scholarship. His ‘La Espana del Cid’ (1219) is the finest Spanish modern historical study. He published works on Spanish ballads and chronicles and important historial grammars of Spanish. It has long been a matter of doubt when the bearing of coats of arms first became hereditary and it was not until the Crusades that Heraldry came into general use. Men went into battle heavily armed and were difficult to recognise. It became the custom for them to adorn their helmets with distinctive crests, and to paint their shields with animals and the like. Coats of arms accompanied the development of surnames, becoming hereditary in the same way. The lion depicted in the arms is the noblest of all wild beasts which is made to be the emblem of strength and valour, and is on that account the most frequently borne in Coat-Armour.

ARMS – Or a lion rampant gules CREST – A demi lion as in the arms ORIGIN – SPAIN

Mackie name means fire


Mackie name means fire

This surname of MACKIE is found predominantley in Ulster, where in the majority it is a variant of the Scottish settler name McKay, but it is known to have been assumed also by descendants of the Irish sept MacAodha. The name was derived from the Gaelic AODH, meaning ‘Fire’ and was originally the name of a Pagan God. Early records of the name in Scotland mention John M’Kee who was servant to John de Crauforde in 1460. Patrick Makkee had a grant of lands in Dunguild, Bute in the year 1506. A man named Lang Mcke was taken furth of the stokkis wherein he had been placed by the sherif-deute in Wigtoun, Scotland in the year 1513. The ‘stokkis’ were a now obsolete instrument of punishment in which the ankles of offenders were confined. When the sparse Irish population began to increase it became necessary to broaden the base of personal identification by moving from single names to a more definate nomenclature. The prefix MAC was given to the father’s christian name, or O to that of a grandfather or even earlier ancestor. At first the coat of arms was a practical matter which served a function on the battlefield and in tournaments. With his helmet covering his face and armour encasing the knight from head to foot, the only means of identification for his followers, was the insignia painted on his shield and embroidered on his surcoat, the draped and flowing garment worn over the armour. Alba, the country which became Scotland, was once shared by four races; the Picts who controlled most of the land north of the Central Belt; the Britons, who had their capital at Dumbarton and held sway over the south west, including modern Cumbria; the Angles, who were Germanic in origin and annexed much of the Eastern Borders in the seventh century, and the Scots. The latter came to Alba from the north of Ireland late in the 5th century to establish a colony in present day Argyll, which they named Dalriada, after their homeland. The Latin name SCOTTI simply means a Gaelic speaker.
It seems likely that the expression ‘the real McCoy’ originated with an American boxer, Norman Selby (1873-1940) who adopted the name ‘Kid McCoy’ as his professional name, and wished to distinguish himself from another fighter of the name name.

ARMS – Vert three bears heads or
CREST – A bears head as in the arms
No motto recorded

Joyce name means rejoice


Joyce name means rejoice
The name Joyce jo(y)-ce is used for females and rarely used by males. It derived from the Old French Masculine name Josse which derived from the Latin name Iudocus the Latinized form of the Breton name Judoc meaning “lord”. The name became rare after the 14th century but later revived as a female name which derived from the Middle English joise meaning “rejoice”

Joyce, Josse

Local Origin  of  Name:  English

From the Latin  name  Joy

Meaning:        ‘Joy’

Emotional Spectrum  .’Be  Happy’ is the key emotion here.

Personal Integrity .Friends know that Joyce can be  called on in a crisis.

Personality .Rarin’ to go all the time.

Relationships .If people  were more  like Joyce, friends would come  easily.

Travel & Leisure .A person who will try anything  once!

Career & Money .While  finances are high  on her list, money  isn’t  everything.

Life’s Opportunities .Tried and  true, but  welcomes new innovations.

Joyce’s Lucky Numbers:38  .7 .32  .52  .29  .40
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Alfred name means wise counselor


Alfred name means wise counselor
Local Origin of Name: English

From the Old English name Alfred

Variant name of : Fred, Avery, Frederick, Fico, Averie

Meaning:  ‘Elf-counsel’

Emotional Spectrum .Cannot hide happiness or sadness.

Personal Integrity .Fidelity is Alfred’s middle name.

Personality .A people person, Alfred is never far from a crowd.
Relationships .Few people could have a better friend than Alfred.

Travel & Leisure .While his career is important, his hobby takes front seat!

Career & Money .If money is not wasted in youth, he will handle it well as an adult.

Life’s Opportunities .Not a wheeler-dealer, Alfred examines business deals carefully.

Alfred’s Lucky Numbers: 23 .28 .42 .43 .52 .26

The name Alfred is of English origin and comes from the Old English name elements (“elf”) ,

“elf counsel” or “one who is counseled by elves”. Its most famous bearers include Alfred the Great,
a 9th-century English King and Alfred Lord Tennyson, a famous 19th-century poet.

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